Institutional Integrity

Integrity is one of the most important traits of WMCGW. The Board of Trustees, President, administrators, staff, and faculty of WMCGW will operate with integrity, representing itself accurately and honestly to students, and the public. WMCGW shall always strive to glorify and love God in all its endeavors. In furtherance of our stated Mission and Institutional Goals, the Board of Trustee of WMCGW has resolved to adopt the following Ethical Standards which shall be applicable to and adhered to by all members of the C, including all full and part-time employees, faculty, officers, administrators and the Board of Trustees.

  1. Honesty
    WMCGW recognizes that God is the ultimate judge of our intentions and actions. Worldly reputation and temporal recognition are mere derivatives of our earnest prayer to be judged by God with mercy and love. Therefore, as members of the College, we shall always be honest in our intentions and actions toward ourselves, students, and all those with whom we communicate. All records and data shall be created and maintained honestly and with the highest level of integrity and competence by the College.
  2. Mercy
    WMCGW recognizes that we are all sinners whose lives are redeemed solely by God’s mercy and Christ’s blood. Members of the college shall always look upon themselves and those around them with a merciful demeanor and be spiritually prepared to forgive others as God has forgiven them.
  3. Financial Responsibility and Transparency
    WMCGW recognizes that all material and financial resources are given to us by God’s Providence and Grace. Therefore, every member of the WMCGW shall always be transparent in handling matters of finance and in the use of College’s resources.
  4. Avoidance of Conflict of Interest
    WMCGW recognizes that excessive personal profit and individual gain must be avoided in all affairs of the College. We exist to serve and to create servant leaders, not to gain wealth. All potential conflicts of interest Standard must therefore be fully disclosed to the Board of Trustees.
  5. Compliance with the Law and Ethical Standards
    WMCGW recognizes that adherence to these Standards clearly must lead to full compliance with all Federal, State and local laws and Ethics regarding governance, operation and financial filing requirements. The College shall therefore strive to continually update its knowledge of these laws and maintain the highest level of compliance with them.