Online Learning

WMC MAKES LEARNING ACCESSIBLE by offering students an exciting and innovative study method in our On Demand Webinars to complete their degree requirements. Students can learn in a structured study environment that is convenient and time efficient. This method provides students with the opportunity to interact with GRU faculty and staff whom they otherwise might never meet, while forging new and lasting friendships with other GRU students.


Our On Demand Webinar Courses are offered through the WMC Online Learning Center (WOLC). An On Demand Webinar Course meets a total of four (4) weeks; course end date is six (6) weeks from the start date. The four weeks utilize asynchronous (non- real time) video lectures and online discussions. On Demand Webinar Courses provide students with a community of learning while completing course requirements, and allow for ongoing interaction with one of WMC’s faculty members who are experts in their field of study, as well as interaction with other students in order to enrich the learning experience.


To enroll for any type of course via email, students may send an email to To enroll for any type of course via telephone, students may call 202-999-8279.                  

World Mission College Online Classes

WMC provides its students with the right online tools they need to complete their program. Communication, research and study are accomplished through an Internet- based system that is simple to use and easy to navigate. Communications with staff and faculty are provided online, putting students in touch with the resources they need at a time that is convenient for them. Course work submissions and library resources are accessed from anywhere in the world at any time.WMC’s powerful technology opens up the doors of higher education to anyone with an Internet connection, regardless of connection speed or computer operating system. Some of the highlights include:

The WMC Website

WMC’s Website provides information to students concerning proper writing and citation methods, information on how to use WMC’s online Courses, research links, On Demand Webinar Course opportunities, and much more. In addition, the website allows students to plan On Demand Course opportunities up to a year in advance through the online posting of the schedule.

WMC Online Learning Center

The WMC Online Learning Center (WOLC) is a key component of the WMC educational system. Online classrooms and resource rooms provide students avenues to access to various materials. Discussion forums are used to communicate directly with professors and other students using technology to share ideas and gain insight through classroom discussion. Note: Student financial accounts must be in current status to have continued access to the WOLC. See notation regarding this under the Monthly Balance Statements heading.

Online Technical Support

WMC has a strong system of technical support that is available through email. WMC’s Technical Support staff is ready to assist students in case they should ever have problems or questions concerning access to their classroom materials. You may contact our Tech Team at

Student Records Online

Academic and financial records can be accessed online at any time in order to keep students up-to-date as they progress through their course work. A simple set up allows students to quickly gain secure access to their own information through their personal computers. Note: Student financial accounts must be in current status to have continued access to the WOLC.