Program Learning Outcom

World Mission College offers Bachelor of Biblical Studies and Master of Divinity and Doctor of Theology to prepare our students for the ministry God has prepared for them.


  1. Identify main themes, concepts, key figures, and topics of critical biblical narratives.
  2. Utilize various exegetical methods in studying the Bible including critical analysis, evaluation of biblical genres, and prophetic interpretation for hermeneutical basics.
  3. Identify the movements of God through the Israelite people as expressed throughout the biblical narratives.
  4. Integrate and apply appropriate information from the biblical text to the current life context and propose relevant solutions to contemporary societal problems and comprehensive sound principles for Christian education.

Each year’s outcomes build upon the previous year, leading students from foundational knowledge to application, critical thinking, and finally, the integration and creation of the theological concepts. This progression ensures that by the end of the program, students are well equipped for both academic pursuits in theology and practical ministry roles.


  1. Research thorough knowledge of the content and themes of the Word of God
  2. Defend sound doctrine
  3. Evaluate current issues in light of biblical teaching
  4. Present biblical truth correctly and clearly

Given the program’s duration and depth, these learning outcomes should provide graduates with a robust academic foundation, deep spiritual formation, and practical ministry tools. While these are informed suggestions, graduates should be further refined perfectly to match the specific vision, goals, and nuances of the institution’s M. Div. program.


  1. Critically assess their ministry involvement.
  2. Discern spiritual growth impediments.
  3. Devise strategic solutions tailored to individual church needs.
  4. Implement a specific project to achieve the chosen strategy.
  1. Min. program is tailored to cultivate students’ acumen in theological discernment and hands-on ministry proficiencies. The course aims to bolster spiritual leadership within local churches. It equips participants with actionable tools and insights to invigorate both ministry and missions by integrating the course’s theological profundity into their respective ministerial ventures. The program endeavors to bridge the divide between the idealism of theoretical theology and hands-on ministry experience.

This program focus on merging theoretical knowledge with applicable skills in ministry and mission fields. The program underscores ministry methodology, equipping students with pragmatic approaches and skills grounded in prior theological knowledge and experiences. The aim is to amplify the potential of ministers and craft tailored ministry strategies, acknowledging the diverse ministerial gifts endowed by God.


Our student’s achievement and performance outcomes are 9% in graduation rate and 73% in retention rate for 2020-2021 academic year. And, all the graduates are doing their role in the area of church ministry or as a missionary. (9 Pastors, 11 Missionaries, and19 Lay Ministers)