Bachelor Curriculum

Course Titles and Level

All courses are at the Theological Bachelor degree level. Courses are numbered 100. Course descriptions are provided separately.

Biblical / Theological Studies-48 Credits

NTE 101 Introduction to the New Testament
NTE 102 New Testament History
NTE 104 Synoptic Gospel
NTE 105 Pauline Epistles I
NTE 110 Pauline Epistles II
OTE 101 Introduction to the Old Testament
OTE 202 Old Testament History
OTE 205 Pentateuch
OTE 115 Introduction to the O.T. Prophets
OTE Minor Prophets
THE 201 Systematic Theology I
THE 202 Systematic Theology II
THE 350 Theological Issues
BIBL 401 Hermeneutics
BIBL 301 Romans
CHHI 301 History of the Christian Church

General Biblical Studies-48 Credits

ENG 100 English Bible Composition I,II
ENG 201 Introduction to Biblical    Literature I,II
GE 205 Introduction to Biblical Archeology I,II
HIS 215 History of World Religions
GRK 201 Greek I
GRK 202 Greek II
GE 104 Biblical Speech Communication I,II
GE 101 Intermediate Computer Skills I,II
GE 106 Religious Music Appreciation I,II
GE 107 Gospel and Christian Life

Ministry Studies-27 Credits

ED 115 Introduction to Christian Education
ED 215 Church Administration
PRA 210 Homiletics
PRA 212 Introduction to Missions
PRA 213 Evangelism
CHMN 301 Child & Youth Ministry
CHMN 401 Small Group and Discipleship
LEAD 401 Christian Leadership
COUN 420 Christian Counseling

Christian Services – Pass or Not

CSE 100 Christian Services
CSE 105 Christian Services
CSE 200 Christian Services
CSE 205 Christian Services
CSE 300 Christian Services
CSE 305 Christian Services
CSE 400 Christian Services
CSE 405 Christian Services
Over 63 hours Christian Services per each semester

Total 123 Credits