Library Rules of Conduct


Rules and regulations are made for the general good of the library and to assure that all patrons have the opportunity to learn and use the library materials in a pleasant, attractive setting. Please be considerate of others by following these guidelines.

  1. Quiet: The library is a place for reading and research; therefore, a quiet atmosphere must be maintained in all areas. Keep voices low and conversation to a minimum. If you are using AV materials, please keep the volume as low as possible to avoid disturbing others.
  2. Patrons should not lend materials checked out in their name to anyone else. The borrower is still responsible for materials until return or payment for the loss.
  3. Failure to maintain suitable standards of conduct or dress in any part of the library will lead to disciplinary action through referrals to the dean. Noisy or offensive behavior will result in being asked to leave the library. All patrons are expected to always treat everyone with courtesy and respect.
  4. Smoking is not permitted in the library.
  5. Cell phone use in the library is discouraged. Please keep phones on vibrate within the library and speak softly if their use is necessary.
  6. Food and drink are not permitted in the public areas of the library.
  7. Anyone entering the library under the obvious influence of either alcohol or drugs will be asked to leave. Security will be called to escort anyone refusing to leave voluntarily.
  8. Patrons should help maintain the appearance and use of the library by returning all materials to the desk for shelving and by cleaning up wastepaper and other debris or clutter around their work area.
  9. All patrons are asked to sign into the library when entering in order that statistics may be obtained for the use of the library. This information is. frequently needed when applying for accreditation or grants. Only totals will be reported or kept. No personal information will be divulged to anyone outside the library staff.



Enrollment in the college places on each student the responsibility to conduct himself / herself in accordance with the standards of behavior acceptable to the college. Among these are the following:

  1. The personal and social behavior of students should demonstrate that they are maturing and responsible members of the college community.
    1. Every student is held responsible for any damage he or she may do or cause to be done to the property of the college or to that of any member of the college community.
    2. Any student whose deportment embarrasses or harms the college will be deprived of the privilege of representing the college at any public event and may be subject to further disciplinary action.
    3. Any student who causes another person to suffer physical harm or indignities may be expelled from the college.
  2. Personal behavior of students and other members of the college community must conform to standards of propriety consistent with the maintenance of a Christian atmosphere, with the laws of the state and of the nation, and with safety precautions.
    1. Keeping or using firearms on campus or in or near college housing is prohibited.
    2. The use of or possession of illegal or non-prescribed drugs having narcotic or hallucinogenic effects is prohibited on campus.
    3. The illegal use or possession of intoxicants among members of the college community will not be tolerated. Public intoxication of a student may lead to expulsion or other disciplinary action.
  3. Student-sponsored activities are expected to be consistent with the purposes and goals of the college. For more information about college rules and regulations, see the Student Handbook.