Grievance Procedure


The Informal Procedure Process

Students who believe that they have been aggrieved either academically or non-academically must first attempt to seek an informal resolution with the other party in the dispute, e.g., a grade dispute with the instructor.

If the student is unable to resolve the dispute with the primary party, then the student is to bring the dispute to the office of the Director of Students, whereupon the Director, or his/her designee, will seek to reach an informal resolution through mediation between the parties.  If mediation at the Director of Students level fails, then the student’s grievance is consigned to the Director of students and administration.

The Formal Process

Student grievances that are sent to the Director of students and administration must be in writing.  A student’s written statement, along with supporting evidence, constitutes a case document.  The second party to the dispute is also required to provide the Director of students and administration with a written statement about the disputed account.

The Director of students and administration will then set a date to convene a meeting to hear the case as expeditiously as possible.  All parties are to be informed, in writing, of the charges and the meeting date, as well as statements requesting their presence.  During the hearing, the student presents his/her case, after which the accused party is allowed to present its side of the story.  Following the hearing, the Director of students and administration will inform all parties in writing of his decision.  The President of WMCGW is also sent a copy of the decision.

If, after following the school’s grievance policy, the student finds that the problem has not been resolved, the student may contact the WMCGW office of students and administration again.

The student will not be subjected to adverse actions by any school official as a result of initiating a complaint.


First Appeal

The first appeal must be filed within 45 days of the event.  The appeal must be in written form addressed to the Director of Students. It must address the reason and basis for filing. The Director will consult with staff, including the Registrar and the related the school directors.

The Director will then prepare a written response to the appeal.  If the response is negative, the reason for the negative decision will be clearly stated.

Final Appeal

This appeal may be made to the President of WMCGW.  Such an appeal must be in writing and filed within 30 days from the date of the response of the Director of Students and Administration.